Myth 1 : Subliminal Messages Help You Learn



Truth: Committent is what makes a difference

Listening to self-help CDs while you sleep won’t hurt but it really won’t help much either. The only way to learn or adjust a bad habit is by making a conscious commitment to do so. There is a million dollar market for subliminal programs that claim to reprogram your subconscious mind to help you quit smoking, or loose weight. The truth is that the program may serve as encouragement but it will not actually change your behavior. It is up to you to make changes.



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  1. Ron, My problem is that I can really remember my stuff even though I understand perfectly well the well the concepts taught. I am currently a teacher about to complete Post graduate course(MScIT) from Sikkin Manipal University I don not have a firm grasp of Skills required of me as an IT specialist.

    My first degree background is in Mathematics. People think I am so brilliant yet I cant exhibit in fluent speeches. I seriously need your help to improve my English language skills and public speech presentation.

    I am saving some my money to subscribe to your training programs.Assist me to get a good job as promise in some of your adverts,Ron I need your help,My fist salary at a new job goes to you.

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