Memory Lessons

Memorise - Memory Power

Lesson 1: Establishing Goals, Linking Example, Number Shape System, Number Rhyme System

Lesson 2: Journey System, Memorising Words Using Journey System

Lesson 3: Major System – Creating Peg Words Using the Major System and Memorising Numbers

Lesson 4: How to Remember and Memorise Names and Faces

Lesson 5: How to Memorise the Periodic Table of Elements

Lesson 6: How to Use Your Body as a Filing System

Lesson 7: How to Memorise Bible Verses and Scripture (can also be used for poems and quotes)

Lesson 8: How to Memorise Playing Cards Using Character, Action, Object (AKA person, action, object)

Lesson 9: How to Memorise Passwords (Watch out! After this you will be a spy!)

Lesson 10: Foods Good for Your Memory and Brain