Rene Descartes
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Rene Descartes

1596-1650 “I think; therefore I am.” Rene’s contemplation of the nature of exixtence lead to this great observation.…
William Shakespeare
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1564 – 1616 William Shakespeare is widely recognized as one of the greatest English writers ever. He wrote…
Ludwig van Beethoven 4
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13- Beethoven

1770-1827  Beethoven was an innovator, broadening the range of the sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet, and incorporating vocals…
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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1756-1791 It is widely accepted that Mozart is one of the greatest composers that ever lived. At the…
John Locke
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1632 – 1704        John Locke was a highly influential philosopher whose writings helped found modern…
Thomas Jefferson
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1743 -1826 Thomas Jefferson was one of the first and most passionate supporters for America’s independence from Great…
Galileo Galilei
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8 – Galileo

8 –  1564 -1642 Galileo was a mathematician and physicist whose theories about the universe antagonized the catholic…
Sir Issac Newton
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1643 – 1727 Sir Isaac Newton is considered one of the most influential scientists of all time and…
Johannes KeplerKopie eines verlorengegangenen Originals von 1610
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1571 – 1630 Johannes Kepler was an astronomer and mathematician and and a key contributor to the scientific…
Thomas Edison
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4 – Edison

1847 – 1931 Thomas Edison was a great American inventor whose work greatly influenced the world. He had…