How to think like Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes mind

Have you ever wanted to think like Sherlock Holmes?  I can teach you to do just that, I am the author of a book called Mind Palace: How to memorize and surmise like Sherlock Holmes.  I have some ideas, tips, and strategies on how you can learn to think like Sherlock Holmes.

  • Talk through your conclusions with a trusted friend.

Who does Sherlock Holmes always have by his side? Well, that’s elementary my dear Watson! Watson was always there and Sherlock Holmes would always talk with him and bounce ideas off of him.  That was such a critical tool in Holmes coming to his deductions. Sherlock once said “Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person”.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Travel. Explore the world.

Go to different cultures, see different places.  When Sherlock was presented with a case or a problem he wasn’t trying to solve that based on his knowledge of where he grew up or lived. Because of his travel his mind was opened up to new ideas and possibilities. He could see the same problem or the same case from many different angles. Travel is a key tip to expanding your mind and seeing things in a different way.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Observation.

Give yourself a daily challenge to work on your observation skills.  Most of the time you are going through life and not really paying attention to the small details.  Set a goal; when you walk past a picture stop and take a minute to observe it and notice the small details.  The idea is to teach yourself to notice the small details in life.  Over time you will start to notice when things are out of place.

Sherlock Holmes

  •  Gather information from all different types of sources.

Sherlock Holmes would read the Agony Ant column to understand how people thought and what made them tick. Don’t be afraid to get information from sources that aren’t as intellectual.  That may be reading the gossip column or reading a tabloid while you’re at the supermarket. I know a lot of very successful copywriters, people who write sales headlines.  They don’t get those from intelligent marketing books but from looking at the tabloids while checking out at a store.  To think like Sherlock Holmes you have to be open to getting information from all types of sources.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Become a better listener.

Sherlock Holmes developed his art of listening so well that he could not only hear what was being said but also what wasn’t being said.  To do this try to watch the body language, see if it looks like they are looking away or if their arms are crossed and ask questions.

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes

  •  Use logic, not emotion to solve problems.

Holmes has said “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.  Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”.  Look at the facts, the small details before finding a solution.  Let your findings steer you towards the truth.

Sherlock Holmes

  • Mind Palace

If you know me or have watched my videos you know that this is my favorite and most used technique.  The Sherlock Holmes books made the mind palace technique popular.  This is a memory system where you use a map or your house and place data or memorize data around the rooms.

Sherlock Holmes

To learn more on how to think like Sherlock Holmes check out my book in the link below:

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