1 – Eskil Ronningsbakken



eskil ronningsbakken

Eskil Ronningsbakken does not consider his superhuman balancing acts as stunts, but rather as artistic expressions of how vulnerable humans are against mother earth. He has ridden a bike backwards and upside down 3,280 feet over a Norwegian fjord fighting against cold, strong winds. Be began honing in his skill at the age of 5 with circus troupes around the world. At age 29, his dream is to perform on top of the Burin in Dubai, the tallest building in the world standing at 2,722 feet.

  • Eskil has balanced on a single ice cube measuring 60cm by 35cm supported by two ropes on each end 1,000 feet over a glacier in a Norwegian National park
  • He also did a hand stand on a trapeze bar placed under a hot air balloon, amongst many other performances



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