Remember Names and Faces

Remember Names and Faces

How to Remember Names and Faces the Easy Way

Remember Names and Faces
How to Remember Names and Faces

In order to remember names AND FACES YOU NEED 5 THINGS:

1. You must be focused in order to remember names. 9 times out of 10 when you shake a hand and 3 seconds later don’t know the name it is not because you have a bad memory it is because you weren’t listening. Next time you meet someone ask yourself, ‘What is their name?’ As you are walking to them. This will focus your brain.

2. You need a place to store their name. Select an outstanding feature on their face (big eyes, large nose, beard, etc). This location will be a brain trigger the next time you see them.

3. You need a picture for their name. Steve = stove, Lisa = Mona Lisa, Brian = brain. These are just a few. For my list of pictures for names enter your email address here. This is a HUGE time saver for you. It took me years to create this list



4. After you have the pictures (enter email address above) you must see these pictures with tons of action and emotion and center the action on the outstanding feature on their face. For example if their name is Brian the picture is brain. If he has a big nose center the action of a brain oozing out of his nose. Always focus the action on the outstanding feature.

5. Review. Ask yourself, ‘Who did I meet today? Who did I meet yesterday? Who did I meet last week?’ Always be reviewing the outstanding feature and the image you saw there. Simply enter your email address in the box above to get my pictures for names

Here is a great video that really walks you through to to remember names and faces.

Have you played our names and faces game here at Create an account and log in and check it out.

Article on how I do it in regards to names and faces and other things.

Here is a video I did with Montel Williams on remembering names and faces:

Here is the good news:

When I started out remembering names and faces 24 years ago I wasn’t that good! (Yes, that is good news!) Why? Because I got really good at it with training and you can too.


The first step is just turning the name into an image.

Every time you see a person for the next month commit to yourself that you will turn their name into an image. This means the name on a billboard…turn it into an image.

The name tag on your waiter…turn it into an image.

The name tag on the bank teller…turn it into an image.

The name tag on the hotel front desk clerk…turn it into an image.

Everyone you met, every name you see…turn it into an image.

Once you have an image for Steve (maybe stove)…then use that for every Steve in the future. So that is the good news! You only have to do it once for each name. I did write a book on this and it is on amazon. In it I have pictures for over 1600 world wide names.


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