How to Memorize Lines and Scripts

tips on How to Memorize Your Lines
How to Memorize Your Lines

How to Memorize Lines for any play, scene or script! Use the same memory training techniques of Shakespeare!

How to Memorize Lines
How to Memorize Lines

It can be tough trying to memorize lines, but the good news is that there is a way to do this and a proven way that even Shakespeare and his actors used. Yes! This how to memorize lines technique was used in the Globe Theatre! It is a 2500 year old method known as the method of loci or Mind Palace.

The concept of this memory training technique to learn how to memorize lines:

1. Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre selected predetermined locations around the room that would be use to mentally store data. He had the theatre constructed with 5 doors of different colors and 5 columns of different colors. He also made note of the stairs, exits, etc

2. The actors would think of brain triggers for their lines. For example, ‘To be or not to be; that is the question.’ He would see two bumble bees with question marks and then mentally place them on the first landmark in the room (perhaps it was one of the colored doors). With each phrase he needed to remember he would create a mental picture to be a brain trigger and imagine it in the correct order going around the room on the columns, doors, stairs, exits, etc

3. This how to memorize lines technique works best if the images are crazy, bizarre and unusual

4. When creating your images for the words do not turn every single word into a pictures. Instead just the main ideas of each thought that will be a brain trigger for you

5. When using this how to memorize lines technique you don’t have to use the theatre you are going to be using. You can use furniture in your own home, school or office. Then when on stage simply think back to your home (or wherever).

This is my favorite how to memorize lines technique by far. I think it is the most effect. With that said there are other techniques too such as writing them out or just repetition but I don’t find those work as quickly.


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