Sherlock Mind Palace

Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace


Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace

I have written an ebook that explains what the Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace is and instructs you step by step on how to create your own. But it is much more than just an ebook on how to build a Mind Palace it is a very comprehensive book on thinking like Sherlock Holmes!
In the book I will cover:
  • WHAT IS A MIND PALACE? – Understand what a Mind Palace is and use it like Sherlock Holmes
  • THIS IS STOPPING YOUR MEMORY FROM WORKING – How to fix it in seconds
  • 3 SECRETS OF THE SHERLOCK MIND PALACE – Secrets anyone can start using to develop a steel trap memory
  • The 5 elements of Sherlock deduction strategy
  • How to focus your brain like Sherlock Holmes
  • How to observe signs and put clues together like Sherlock Holmes
  • Read body language and lying like Sherlock Holmes

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