Memory Records

There are a lot of websites out there that post memory records. One of the best and most comprehensive websites is

From what I can see this website is updated very quickly and seems to be very accurate. For those who train very hard to set memory records, it is important that these records are accurate for the world to see. This is one of the best websites that holds all the information.

For example, here are the postings on the most words memorized in 15 minutes

Memorisation of Random Words (15 Minutes)

Random words are presented in columns of 25 words. Scoring is tabulated by column: one point for each word. However, one mistake reduces the score for that column by half, the second mistake reduces the score for that column to zero.

125 Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1993
153 Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1995
155 Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1997
174 Andi Bell (Great Britain) 1998
182 Andi Bell (Great Britain) 2002
199 Boris-Nikolai Konrad (Germany) 2004
214 Boris-Nikolai Konrad (Germany) 2006
227 Boris-Nikolai Konrad (Germany) 2007
255 Boris-Nikolai Konrad (Germany) 2008
280 Boris-Nikolai Konrad (Germany) 2009
300 Simon Reinhard (Germany) 2010


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