2011 UK Memory Championship

New World Record at the UK Open memory Championships

2011 UK Memory ChampionshipFor the second year running MWB Business Exchange sponsored the venue for the UK Open Memory Championships, this time in a luxurious City of London office complex in Houndsditch. Supervised by Chief Arbiter Phil Chambers and eight times world memory champion, Dominic O’Brien, competitors and arbiters travelled from as far as America, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, and Germany to take part.

This included two first time competitors Martin Mwaka from the UK and Jay Adams from the USA.

World Ranked number three and ex World Champion Ben Pridmore was there in his famous Pocket Dragon tee shirt, and complete with his legendary lucky hat and was joined by Nelson Dellis from the USA, James Ponder from Essex, Mattias Ribbing from Sweden.

James Paterson from Wales broke the only World Record of the competition in the 5 minute Names and Faces by memorising 126 breaking the record set by Katie Kermode in 2009 at the Welsh Championships. First time competitor Martin Mwaka achieved a Bronze medal position in the Speed Cards.

However, it was Ben Pridmore who strolled to victory with 6489 points followed by Nelson Dellis of the USA with 4248 and James Ponder with 4177.

The prizes were presented by MWB Centre Manager Helene Reymon who, along with her colleagues, made us all very welcome.

MWB has also agreed to host the event in 2012 and the dates for your diary are confirmed as August 23rd and 24th.

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