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Hey Readers,

I thought I would share a true and funny story about what happened to me this week.

So, I live in a high rise condo where the front desk will push the button for your floor when you get on the elevator.  As I got on I heard the lady at the front desk say something to me but I couldn’t understand what she said.  Suddenly the doors close so I figure it was no big deal.

As the doors opened I was looking at my phone.  Still looking at my phone I exit the elevator, turn down the hall and then walk in to my condo. Except it wasn’t my condo! Problem is all the floors look identical. 

I was instantly confused and then exited quickly before I was mistaken for a burglar! As I walked back to the elevator it clicked in my head.  The lady at the front desk was telling me she accidentally hit the wrong floor and not to get off on that floor but that mine would be next.

I shared this story on my Facebook page because I thought it was humorous and almost INSTANTLY people started chiming in. 

‘But I thought you were the MEMORY guy!?  Did you forgot where you live?’, they said.

There is nothing more common for me to hear than this kind of ‘joke’.  Seriously, I must hear it 5 times a day.  But it got me to thinking.  People mistake things for memory often that have nothing to do with memory. They are FOCUS problems, not memory. 

Why did I go in to the wrong condo? FOCUS!! I was looking at my phone.  If you had asked me my unit number I certainly would have given you the right answer. I didn’t forget where I lived.

Why can’t you remember a person’s name 2 seconds after they say it? Answer = you never heard it! You need to focus!

Why can’t you remember where you put your keys? Answer = you weren’t paying attention when you set them down.  Focus really is different than memory, however if you aren’t focused you’ll never be able to remember.

How can you improve focus?  Try this, next time you are about to meet someone pause and ask yourself the question, ‘What is their name?’  This simple question will focus your brain so that when they say their name you will be able to remember it.

Before you study for a test ask yourself this question, ‘What do I hope to learn here?’  Then open the book with a focused brain! Good nutrition and exercise will also help your focus.  Avoid excessive alcohol, sugar and junk food.

Focus, focus, focus!! Oh, and their condo had nice floors but it could have been decorated a bit better!

haha Talk soon,

Ron White
2 Time USA Memory Champion

P.S. If you don’t have my memory course and would like to learn my 5 step process to remember anything (including names) it is in my Black Belt Memory course. (This also gives you access to the private Facebook group) You can get it here

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