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Mark Twain Memory Training Book
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I am a HUGE fan of old memory training book!

I have been teaching memory training seminars since 1991 and it is so fascinating to me to see the old memory books of so many great memory expert who have taught throughout the centuries.

Below you can download one of these books for free. Click the image to download the book by Pliny Miles! After you download the book you should get my memory training course called www.blackbeltmemory.com it is not just a memory training book but a memory training video course created in 2020!

In my course I will teach you to remember names. This will help you build relationships and friendships.

Just like reading a 170 year old memory training book you will learn to remember numbers, facts, details. Therefore, you will become a better student or business person.

I hope that you download the memory training book below. However, I also hope that you will enroll in the Black Belt Memory course and develop your super power memory beyond your wildest imaginations.

Memory training dates back at least 2,500 years and because of that a lot has been written about it. But I think you will find a few stand out. What I like about this book is that he focuses on one aspect of memory and that is the peg system and then uses it to remember historical facts.

He teaches you the major system in this book which is a way to build a per list and he gives you examples for numbers from 0 to almost 10,000.

I have never seen that before. Because of that fact alone it makes this book incredible.

He titles the book American Phreno-Mnemotechny that is not a simple title and I hope it worked for him. It is based on the word mnemonics which refers to memory training systems.

memory training book
Pliny Miles wrote this book in 1846. Click image to download


Mark Twain Memory Training Book
Mark Twain Memory Article – Click Image to download article. FIRST ARTICLE IN PDF. It’s a large file but it’s the FIRST article
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