Memorize faster

memorise faster

memorize fasterMemorize Faster

The following are my 6 tips on how to memorize faster.

  1.  Organize your data.  Before you start memorizing make sure that you have all your info written out and organized.
  2.  Build your memory palace.  This is my go to step when I need to memorize something.  This is a place where you can store the data you need to memorize.
  3.  Go faster.  This advice came to me from the 2009 world memory champion, Benford Moore, he told me to “go faster than I think is possible”.
  4.  Memorize your data once or twice.  Review the data and on the third time try it without looking at your notes.  Make your brain remember the information.
  5.  Go back and fill in the blanks.  This step is for what you are having trouble memorizing.  Go back and really try to make the images stronger for these so they stick.
  6.  One last time.  Put all notes away and review using only your memory.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have all your data memorized.  These steps are more effective because they engage your brain.  A lot of times studying is strictly reading the material and writing it down.  If you do these six steps I believe you will memorize faster.

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