Ace Any Test


Ace Any Test

Test taking tips to ace any test

Need to ace your upcoming test?

William Poundstone, author of Rock Breaks Scissors, held a study that found 56% of true/false test answers were true. This is because it is actually harder to invent something that is false rather than thinking of something that is true.

Ace Any Test

63% of the time the next question will be different than the previous.  In the case of true/false test it’s probable that the next answer will be the opposite of the previous question.

When it comes to multiple choice questions that had 3 choices there was no one that stood out from the others.  Although when a test offered 4 choices the second choice ,B, had a 28% higher chance of being correct.  Same goes for a multiple choice question with 5 options, E is your best bet with 23%.

If you have a test that offers an “all the above” or “none of the above” it is 52% chance to likely be the answer.  You have a 90% chance of choosing the right answer if you always choose those.

Although these statistics are good, it is in no way a 100% guarantee.

My first tip is to get pumped, be positive and believe that you are going to do well.  Stress is the worst enemy to our brains, during times of stress our bodies produce cortisol which inhibits us to think properly.

ace your test

Be prepared.  Sounds simple but stay relaxed and breathe deep.  This will increase oxygen levels and you will be able to think more clearly.

Another tip is to look at the whole test before beginning.  Look to see how many questions are on the test and what sort of questions do you have, this will help you to manage your time better. This will also help with reducing anxiety and prevent surprises.

Follow the test in order, answer all questions and skip the ones that seem difficult.  Once you have gone through the whole test go back to the ones you skipped.  This will help eliminate wasted time spent on more difficult questions.  When you stay on question that seems hard instead of moving on your stress levels will rise and as I said before it’s good to keep those levels low.

Eliminate answers you know are wrong.  Also make sure you are reading each question carefully.  Try covering the answers to see if the answer comes to you before being swayed by the answers on the page.  This will help you to answer quickly and keep the your stress low.

When you are finished be sure to review your answers, entirely or at the end of each page.  There is nothing good about being the first one done.  Take your time, read carefully, and go back and review before turning in your test.

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