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Best Memory Training Books

Memory Training Books

Hey guys! I am Ron White and I am a two-time USA memory champ. I have been teaching memory training for almost 25 years.

Normally I tell people about my memory training books, but today I want to tell you guys about some of the courses I learned over the last 25 years. Maybe you can benefit from learning different styles of memory and maybe you’re curious as to which ones impacted me.

Here are some memory training books that have helped me with memory. First of all, I got started and was introduced to memory training in 1991 by a guy named Kevin Trudeau. I was watching his late night informercial on TV in high school and I was trying to get together with my friends and get the money together to buy his Mega Memory Course; we didn’t end up buying it because we were high school students and we procrastinated, but two weeks after high school graduation, I got hired, through a weird coincidence, I met somebody with Kevin Trudeau and I went to work for him and it was the first memory course that I have ever taken.

Memory training Books

The company was Memory Training Institute, it was Kevin Trudeau’s former company and his course was Mega Memory. Mega Memory is a great course, it’s really for beginners, it’s going to be hard to find, because they don’t produce it anymore. You may be able to get it on e-bay or something similar to that. Mega Memory was the first memory course that I ever took. It’s a great course for beginners, it’ll jump start you.

When I went to work for Kevin Trudeau’s company, I started digging around and buying memory training books, the first memory book I picked up was The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne. This is the best-selling memory book of all time, it has a copyright of 1974.

Memory Training Books

I love this book so much. It’s an awesome book, it really inspired me. Harry Lorayne was a mentor of mine, in the sense that we never met. But his books really spoke to me. This is a great book. This is THE best selling memory book of all time.

Another great memory training book, that is also by Harry Lorayne, is called Remembering People. I’ve had this book for so long and have read it so often, it’s torn in half.

Memory Training Books

Dominic O’Brien, 8 Time world memory champion, has a great memory course. You can search that. Tansel Ali was the Australian memory champion. He has a great memory training course as well and a book about how to remember everything in a short period of time. His book is really great.

This book, Math Magic by Scott Flansburg is not a memory training book, it’s an accelerating learning book, but it’s a great book. You might have seen Scott Flansburg on the History channel, he has a show called Human Calculator. This is an incredible book I purchased in the 90s, when he had a program called Mega Math. Ironically, Scott and I became friends in 2005 and he’s been one of my closest friends for over 10 years now. If you want to know how to multiply 782 times 25 in your head, get this book.

Memory Training Books

The next book I recommend is a book by Ramon Campayo, called Maximize Your Memory. He hold speed records for memory, like memorizing a 27 digit number in 3 seconds. It’s incredible to look at his records. I haven’t really gotten through this book yet, but I respect his credentials so much, that I bought this book and it’s the one I am going to go through next.

Memory Training Books

So these are some memory training books and memory courses out there that I highly recommend. Of course, I recommend mine as well, but I wanted to open you up to some memory training books that have inspired me.

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