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brain exercises

Brain Exercises To Improve Your Memory

I’m going to share some brain exercises I learned after reading ‘Keep your brain alive’ by Lawrence C. Katz and Manning Rubin.  In this book they talk about a term called Neurobics, the unique new science of brain exercises. Neurobics is when you use all of your senses in new and unexpected ways, by doing this you will wake up your brain and stimulate brain growth.

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Brain Exercise #1:

Grab some coins and put them in your pocket, then reach in and feel them.  Without looking study their sizes, textures and edges.  While doing so try to figure out what each coin is, when you think you guessed right take it out and see how well you did.  With this neurobic exercise you are using your sense of touch.

brain exercises brain exercises brain exercises

Brain Exercise #2:

Close your eyes and walk around your house while trying to recall where your furniture pieces are.  Remember though, safety first, walk around slowly so you don’t get hurt.  By closing your eyes and changing up your routine you are testing your memory and making it work in a way that it is not used to.

brain exercises

brain exercises

brain exercises

Brain Exercise #3:

Turn on your TV and watch something on mute while creating a dialogue for the characters on screen.  Neurobics is about stimulating the brain in different and unique ways.

brain exercisesbrain exercises

Brain Exercise #4:

Do things that get you out of your normal thinking pattern.  For example if you read magazines about motorcycles or camping try picking up a magazine you would never read.  This will stimulate creativity and get your brain thinking in ways it never does.

brain exercises

Brain Exercise #5:

Have a side you agree with when it comes to politics?  Purposely put the TV on a channel that you know has a different opinion than you.  Try to understand or think the way that party does to stimulate your brain in this exercise.

brain exercisesbrain exercises

Brain Exercise #6:

We have all been in the car driving with our brains on auto pilot.  Try changing up your routine and taking a different route home, this will wake up and engage your brain.

brain exercise

Brain Exercise #7:

Write with your non dominant hand.  Tell yourself for a day or maybe even a week that every time you go to write something down you will do so with your other hand.  Like the other exercises this will stimulate your brain but this particular one will stimulate parts of the brain that are normally not engaged.

brain exercise

Brain Exercise #8:

Grab 10 to 15 spice or herb jars for this next exercise.  Try to identify each spice or herb one by one by it’s smell.

brain exercise brain exercise


By engaging your brain in new ways and using your senses in different ways will stimulate your brain and creativity.  This is what neurobic exercises are all about, involving each sense.  So next time you do something that is routine try to do it in a different way than you are used to, it’s that easy.


For additional brain exercises check out the link below:


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