How to Memorize Bible Verses

Memorize Bible Verses

Memorize Bible Verses the Easy Way with the Proven Mind Palace

Memorize Bible Verses

How do you memorize bible verses?

Do you memorize bible verses by putting sticky notes all over your house?

Do you memorize bible verse by writing them on the bathroom mirror?

What about creating flash cards with bible verses and placing them everywhere?

Are you trying to memorize bible verses by doing 1 verse per week?

Are you trying to memorize bible verses by taping them on your car steering wheel?

No! These are all TERRIBLE ways to memorize bible verses.

There is an easy way to memorize bible verses and I fully believe it is using the Mind Palace. The Mind Palace was developed over 2500 years ago in Greece by a man named Simonedes.

The basic concept of the Mind Palace is that you use pieces of furniture in a room to store data in your brain. For example, let’s say you want to memorize the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22. When I set out to memorize bible verses for the first time 25 years ago it was one of the first I memorized because it is so easy.

Here’s how to use the Mind Palace to do it.

1. Look around your room and select 5 pieces of furniture going clockwise starting at the door. (for example: Desk, bed, dress, mirror, picture)

2. Turn the verse into pictures and see these pictures interacting with the furniture

Love = see cupid on the first piece of furniture in your room

Joy = see someone jumping for joy on the 2nd piece of furniture in your room

Peace = see the peace sign on the 3rd piece of furniture in your room

Patience = imagine a hospital patient on the 4th piece of furniture in your room

Goodness = imagine a gold nest on the 5th piece of furniture in your room

3. Then go back and review and see how many you recall. Use the next room in your house to memorize the next 4 Fruit of the Spirit:

Kindness = king’s nest

Faithfulness = geyser Old Faithful

Gentleness = gentle lamb

Self control = book shelf with controls

So you could memorize bible verses this way. It is quick and simple. But what if you want to memorize entire verses. You can do this too. In this youtube video I give you an example on how to do this

In order to memorize bible verses sometimes it makes it easier to have pictures for books of the bible. For example:

Genesis = genes

Exodus = axe

Leviticus = Levi jeans

I have turned all 66 books of the bible into pictures. If you would like to get my pictures for books of the bible for free to help you memorize bible verses in a more effective way then I highly encourage you to enter your email address below to get my bonus gift for free on how to memorize bible verses and give you my pictures for books of the bible.

It isn’t hard to memorize bible verses if you set out with a plan. My hope for you is that you select items around the room you are in right now. Then continue to do this in three to four other rooms. Create at least 15-20 files. A file is simply a piece of furniture that is numbered.

If you want you can use your friend’s house, your parents house, your favorite restaurant, your office and even your school. Any building can become a Mind Palace for you. The key to making sure the Mind Palace works for you is to be able to close your eyes and say all the files forwards and backwards from memory. Once you are able to do this then you can start imaging the verses you want to memorize on the furniture. This is the easy way to memorize bible verses.

Once again to get my pictures for the books of the bible emailed to you enter your best email address below

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