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Memory Improvement Games That Actually Work (READ THIS!)

brain games

So you want to play some memory improvement games?

Ok that is good…and bad.

Why is it bad?

Because many of the memory improvement games you can play online (dare I say most) by themselves aren’t going to improve your memory by any measurable amount. Sure you may get better at that specific memory improvement game but it is highly unlikely that it will translate to anything that is meaningful to you in life.

For example, you play a memory improvement game where you are shown a screen with boxes on it like this.

Memory Improvement Games

Then the next screen is this image.

Memory Improvement Game
Do you think this memory improvement game will actually improve your memory?

Could over time could you develop a system to beat this memory improvement game or start getting better at it? Sure you could.

But are you actually improving your memory or are you just getting better at the memory improvement game? My guess is you are just getting better at the memory improvement game and you will see no actual and real memory improvement.

For example if you play this memory improvement game for 5 hours and make it to level 10 then the next day when you go to your business meeting do you think you will be able to memorize 25 names in the group?



Because you didn’t learn a memory system you just got better at that specific memory improvement game.

If a baseball player ate healthy, exercised every day, did stretching exercises and lifted weight but never learned baseball techniques do you think he would be a good baseball player?



Because you need to learn techniques.

If you want to improve your memory you need to learn memory improvement techniques. Can you still play memory improvement games? YES! And I do!! (here at actually) But I do it with memory training. For example, let’s take this game.

Simon Memory Game

If you played this for an hour you might get better at the memory improvement game but is it really a memory improvement game if you aren’t learning memory techniques with it?


But let’s say you learn a memory improvement technique first such as the Mind Palace (my favorite). Here is an explanation of the Mind Palace.

Now here is where the memory improvement game becomes very valuable.

You need to create a picture for every color.

Green = money

Red = roses

Yellow = bananas

Blue = Smurfs

So now you are playing this Simon memory improvement game and you have 30 locations in your Mind Palace (watch video above).

Then as you play the memory game and it shows the color blue you imagine a Smurf character on your first piece of furniture. The next color is yellow so you imagine bananas on the next piece of furniture.

If you had 30 pieces of furniture you could easily memorize 30 colors this way. To recall you just walk back around your house mentally. So then with this memory technique could this memory improvement game become valuable?

Yes, absolutely they would.

This is a great way to practice the Mind Palace and get faster and faster at it. Then the next day when you are studying for a test in school you are already great at using the Mind Palace because of the memory improvement game. So this game has become very valuable to you.

So I hope you understand my point.

There are so many companies out there that are marketing memory improvement games and what they are marketing is the illusion of improvement not actual memory improvement. For them it is a way to make money (in my opinion) but they are not being of the best possible service to you.

Here are more of my thoughts on the topic in this Youtube video

Play the memory improvement games all you want for fun if that is your goal (fun). But if you are looking for actual memory improvement make sure you learn memory techniques and then practice and get better and faster at techniques with the games.

That my friends is a winning combo!

That is the goal of the games I have developed here on I want to see you learn the Mind Palace technique and then practice it with the games. Once you get good at the Mind Palace (because of the games) then I want to see you memorizing points from books, remembering info from classes or workshops, memorizing your favorite poem, verse or quotes.

But you need techniques not just memory improvement games.

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