2011 World Memory Championships Is Underway

The 2011 World Memory Championships is now underway….At least I believe it is. I am confused about the time zones but if it isn’t underway at this very moment it should be in the next few hours.

Jennifer Goddard of www.mindwerx.com has said that updates will be announced on https://twitter.com/WMemoryChamps although I don’t see anything there as of yet. It could be a problem to log onto that site in China.

Wei Fang (the current 2010 world champion) has posted these pictures of the 2011 World Memory Championships on Facebook. This seems to be the first night when competitors are giving the schedule and an orientation briefing making sure that everyone understands the rules. Unfortunately this championship won’t have the face of so many who have marked the sport for the last decade such as Ben Pridmore, Johannes Mallow, Boris Konrad and others. But I do expect to see some fantastic scores from this tournament and a successful tournament nonetheless. It is very challenging organizing world wide events and this year they hit some snags but Tony Buzan and his crew have done a fantastic job keeping this going for 20 plus years and I am sure there will be many more.

here are the photos


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