2011 World Memory Championship Largest EVER!!

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With the registrations  closed now for the 2011 World Memory Championships, I am delighted to report that we have more international competitors registered now than ever before with large teams from India, the Philippines, Germany and the USA. There are a total of 63 international competitors registered from 21 different countries. The competitors from China will be selected from the top achievers in the China Memory Championships taking place on the 11th to 13th of November.

We have also received a detailed communication from our hosts and sponsors, New Mind Education in China, about the arrangements surrounding the World Memory Championships in December.

I am pleased to announce that, following the completion of their lengthy negotiations with venues in Guangzhou  they have now definitively confirmed the location for the event as being the Mount River Hotel, overlooking the Lake of the Peaceful Dragon,  which so successfully held the Championships last year. This means that they are now in a position to finalise all the outstanding requests from competitors regarding accommodation.

New Mind have also offered to provide free accommodation to any competitors who have had to make changes to their travel arrangements as a result of the switch from Beijing to Guangzhou. If you have been affected by this or have any other questions about local arrangements, Please contact : Mr Guo Chuanwei at   GOTOP1@126.COM   or  his assistant Amy who can be contacted on           QHLWZL@163.COM

 We have also been informed that there are no cash prizes this year and instead, winning competitors will be presented with special gifts from our hosts.

 The contact details for the hotel are now:

 MRR Resort Hotel

Address: 27 Yihuan Rd.Baiyun District.Guangzhou.China

Postcode: 510540

Tel: 020-28809188

Fax: 020-28809189

 Tomson Li, the hotel manager, who looked after us all so well last year, has emailed me to say that they had added a new Spa Complex next to the main hotel building which he is looking forward to showing off to us. He is thrilled that we are returning and is looking forward to looking after us again.

 Over the last week we have had a flurry of late registrations which brings the total of international competitors up to 62 from 19 countries plus the entry from the host nation of China. This means that the number of competitors is up on the previous year and likely to be a record for the event with a final 24 hours to go before registrations close.

 Reigning World Champion Wang Feng will be defending his title against the rest of the world and with the overall standards of the competition getting tougher each year, the field is now wide open.   There are many up and coming young competitors from around the world who have spent the last year practicing for this event so a number of new world records is very likely. The leader board at the end of this year�s championships may look very different from last.

NB If you require a visa to travel to China please allow sufficient time for this  to be obtained. If you require  an official letter of invitation, contact the secretary.

Sunday    4th                  Competitors arrive
Monday 5th                  Competitors arrive
Tuesday  6th                Tour of competition venue. Media interviews.   Questions and Answers for competitors
Wednesday 7th      Day One of Competition.
Thursday 8th             Day Two of Competition.
Friday 9th                       Day Three of Competition
Saturday  10th          Memory Carnival.       Closing Ceremony
Sunday 11th                Sightseeing

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