Motivational Speaker For Your Conference

Motivational Speaker For Your Conference

Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your next conference or convention?

motivational speaker

What if your motivational speaker was not only motivational but funny and educational too? That is exactly how Ron White has been described.

No not the comedian Ron White. The memory expert Ron White.

Check out this video of him describing his talk.

Why is Ron White the choice for you as your motivational speaker for your conference?

He will memorize everyone’s name in the room (up to 300 people) and then repeat the names rapid fire from memory during his talk. It is like a Vegas Show!

Then he will memorize a 50 digit number that the group creates and he never sees. It is fun, fun, fun.

The takeaways your group will get will be:

  • How to remember names to build relationships
  • Give speeches from memory to be a more dynamic presenter
  • Remember what you read or learn from conference to maximize time and money spent learning

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing a motivational speaker but you will feel like you got one of the best possible with Ron White.

If you would like to schedule Ron White to be the speaker for your conference go here to schedule

Ron White has received rave reviews for his speech. Here is James Malinchak giving a review of Ron’s talk

When choosing your speaker you want someone who is:

  • Experienced (Ron has been speaking since 1991 professionally)
  • Is a business person (Ron has been an entrepreneur since 1991 and his talk isn’t about memorizing your grocery list but becoming a more productive person with your memory skills.)
  • Is a published author (Ron has written over a dozen books on the brain, memory and personal growth)
  • Is viewed as an expert in their field (Ron has appeared on national television shows since 2010)
  • Has credentials in his field (Ron is a 2 time USA Memory Champion)
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