Memory Expert and Memory Speaker

So you are looking for a memory expert or memory speaker for your conference?

There are a lot of choices but have you been to the website is really all about memory speaker and memory expert. He has spent over 2 decades becoming one of the world’s most sought after memory experts and memory speakers.

He has held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA, held the record for most digits memorized in 5 minutes (167 digits) and is a 2 Time USA Memory Champion. But more importantly than any of these is that he is very well skilled and trained in teaching others to develop their memory powers.

What if you he could YOU to :

  • Give speeches from memory
  • Meet and remember 100 new people in 1 hour
  • memorize what you read
  • remember poems, quotes, or scripture
  • improve profits with a better memory
  • improve grades with a better memory

He can teach you to do all of these things and he isn’t just a memory speaker….THE DUDE IS FUNNY!! Check out this video of him giving a speech in Houston 2011.

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