World Records for Fastest to Memorize Deck of Cards

Memorise - Memory Power

Can you imagine memorizing a deck of cards in 21 seconds? This means that a shuffled deck of cards is placed in front of you and when the judge says, ‘go’ you pick up the cards and look through them in 21 seconds and then set them down. Then you grab another deck of cards and have 5 minutes to assemble that deck to match the 1st. Sound too insane to be true? Well it is true Simon Reinhard has done just that setting the world record for the fastest to memorize a single deck of playing cards in 2011. To see the history of this record here is a chart

Here is a video of Ben Pridmore setting this record in 2009 at 24.97 seconds

Speed Record : A Single Pack

The record is for the fastest time to memorize a single pack of 52 shuffled playing cards with no errors

149 s Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1991
125 s Jonathan Hancock (Great Britain) 1991
55.62 s Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1992
44.62 s Mamoon Tariq Khan (Pakistan) 1993
43.59 s Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1994
42.01 s Tom Groves (Great Britain) 1994
38.29 s Dominic O’Brien (Great Britain) 1996
34.03 s Andi Bell (Great Britain) 1998
32.9 s Andi Bell (Great Britain) 2004
32.13 s Ben Pridmore (Great Britain) 2005
31.03 s Ben Pridmore (Great Britain) 2006
26.28 s Ben Pridmore (Great Britain) 2007
24.97 Ben Pridmore (Great Britain) 2009 VIDEo
21.90 s Simon Reinhard (Germany) 2010
21.19 s Simon Reinhard (Germany) 201
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