Harry Lorayne Memory Training Legend

Harry Lorayne Memory Training Legend

Harry Lorayne The Yoda of Memory Training

It isn’t too hard to argue that Harry Lorayne is the greatest memory expert of the 20th century. In reality there is no one that is even close. Kevin Trudeau made a push in the 1980s and 1990s but Keven never tried to be a true memory expert. His goal was simply to sell memory training courses. And he did. A lot of them but not always in the most ethical ways.

On the other hand, Harry Lorayne embodied everything that set him apart from any other memory expert of the time. He had charisma, memory demonstrations, stage presence and understood memory and how it works.

He traveled the country doing his memory demonstrations and amazing audiences for decades. His book, ‘The Memory Book’ with Jerry Lucas became a New York Times best seller. Harry appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson a remarkable 24 times. He was a celebrity in his day but also a great teacher of memory training.

I was honored to recently interview Harry Lorayne and here is that interview:

The memory demonstrations that I have done for decades now I learned by watching Harry Lorayne on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It was a demonstration that stuck in my mind and a decade later I was making my living imitating it. Here is that episode:

Harry first got in to magic as a young teenager and it was his love for magic that lead him to memory training because he wan’t to do memory tricks as magic tricks. He was a legend and Time Magazine referred to him as the Yoda of Memory Training.

His system revolved around seeing what you want to recall as an image and imagining it attached to something that is familiar to you.

Harry is a great teacher of memory training. If you would like to get my memory training course you can get it at https://memorycourse.brainathlete.com/memorytips

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