Weird quirks of geniuses

 weird quirk

We all have strange things that we do but don’t realize how strange they may seem to others.  The following are some weird quirks of some of the most famous geniuses throughout history.

weird quirk


An English film director and producer best known for the 1963 movie The Birds.  His weird quirk is while filming the movie he nearly tortured the lead actress Tippi Hedren by having real birds attack her until she collapsed on set.

weird quirk


An American writer, editor, and literary critic. You may know Poe for his poem The Raven.  He was hardly a popular author in his time because of his weird quirk of annoying his editors by writing on scrolls rather than paper.

weird quirk


Not a common household name for most, this is the inventor of the floppy disk along with 3,300 other inventions.  Dr. Nakamatsu’s weird quirk is that he intentionally stays underwater until just before the moment of drowning.  He believes that by doing so stimulates his brain. He also likes to think in a bathroom tiled in 24 karat gold believing that is blocks out television and radio waves.

weird quirk


A French novelist and playwright who’s weird quirk was drinking up to 50 cups of coffee a day.

weird quirk


The most famous Theoretical Physicist.  Sometimes he would eat insects straight off the ground and take his violin with him to go bird watching where often he would cry while he played.

weird quirk


An electrical and mechanical engineer and physicist who’s best know for the “Tesla coil” which is still used in radio technology today.  Tesla’s weird quirk is that he would often work from 3 am to 11 pm which eventually lead to a breakdown at age 25.  Tesla would recover to then continue the same schedule for another couple of decades.

weird quirk


An American inventor known for his invention of the light bulb along with others such as the phonograph and motion picture camera.  When it came time to interview someone for a job, Edison would offer a bowl of soup as a test.  If they added salt before they tried it he believed they made too many assumptions.  Would you pass his test?

weird quirk


An author best known for creating some of the best fictional characters  in stories like “Oliver Twist”, “Great Expectations”, “A Christmas Carol” and many others.  His weird quirk was that he liked to keep his hair neat so he always had a comb on hand to fix his hair hundreds of times throughout the day.  Not that weird of a quirk.

weird quirk


There’s no mystery as to who this genius was, the painter of the famous Mona Lisa.  Da Vinci would write backwards often and as a left handed dyslexic, he would cram every available space on the paper with drawings and writings.

weird quirk


This composer and pianist is best known for the controversial The Rite of Spring.  He would begin each day by standing on his head to clear his brain, believing that this would improve circulation and detoxification.

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