How to memorize dates

memorize dates

Memorize Dates

If you have been following my videos on YouTube you know in order to memorize dates you have to create a picture first.  The best way to do this is to have a picture for the month, the day and the year.  Here are my pictures for each month to help me memorize dates.


January = Baby

February = Cupid

March = Soldiers marching

April = A pill

May = Flowers

June = A bug

[/one-half-first] [one-half]

July = Fireworks

August = A gust of wind

September = School house

October = Pumpkin

November = Turkey

December = Christmas tree


memorize dates

Next thing you need to do to memorize dates is to create a picture for each day, one to thirty one.  For this try to think of something that is easy and coincides with that number.  For the number ten you might use bowling pins since there are ten pins you have to knock down.  Another example would be fingers and toes for the number twenty.  To memorize dates with odd numbers like 28 you can use a snowman.  A snowman has two eyes and is shaped like the number eight.

Once you have created your pictures for the month and days you then need to attach whatever it is that the day belongs to.  Say your wife’s birthday is September 24th, I would picture your wife sitting in a school house that is made out of 2×4’s.

memorize dates

This is how you memorize dates.

These are my images for numbers 1 – 31



1 – pencil

2 – duck neck

3 – pyramid

4 – box

5 – star

6 – bullet

7 – dice (lucky 7)

8 – hour glass (shape)

9 – balloon

10 – bowling ball

[/one-third-first] [one-third]

11 – goal post

12 – eggs

13 – mountains

14 – necklace (14 carat gold)

15 – drums

16 – car (drivers license at 16)

17 – woodpecker (the 7 looks like a woodpecker on a tree)

18 – handcuffs (the 8 looks like handcuffs and 1 is the key)

19 – gold clubs (19th hole)

[/one-third] [one-third]

20 – shotgun

21 – deck of cards

22 – rifle

23 – Michael Jordan (his number)

24 – 2×4 wood

25 – quarter (25 cents)

26 – sticks

27 – 2 that is severed (cut)

28 – snowman with 2 eyes

29 – 2 balloons

30 – thirsty (glass water)

31 – thirsty number 1


Now you are probably wondering how to memorize dates with the year.  For this you will have to be able to turn numbers into pictures, numbers greater than 31.  I have techniques on how to turn numbers into pictures, watch the video below to access the link.

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