How to study better

How to study better

Study Tips to study better with 10 simple steps

When it comes to studying I think we all have our faults.  Here are my best study tips. We allow ourselves to get distracted by so many things that when the time comes to apply what we studied we realize we know NOTHING!  I have ten steps that will help you study better.

  1. I’ve noticed with myself and others that when sit down to study we try to cram everything in all at once.  Our brains need a break every now and then.  Try studying in 25-50 minute increments with 10-15 minute breaks in between.  During those breaks get up and move; go for a walk, exercise, do something to get your blood flowing.  Then go back and repeat.
  2. Next make sure to get a good 6 to 8 hours of sleep after you have learned something new.  I know this step may seem difficult in our busy lives but it is also one of the most important.  This study tips is very important. According to Dr. James B. Maas if we get a good night’s sleep the night after we learn something we will remember it better than if we have a poor night’s sleep.How to study better
  3. Take notes.  Don’t copy someone else’s notes, take your own!  When you take your own notes you are engaging your brain and you are more likely to remember more from that class.
  4. As hard as this next step may seem it is very important.  Clear your mind of all distractions; turn off the television, turn off the phone and focus.  When you find your mind wondering try to stop and take a moment to clear those thoughts and put your mind at ease then return to your studying. This study tip is very important.
  5. Try using the keyword technique when you find yourself starting to lose focus or daydream.  When you start to lose focus use a keyword to bring you back to the material.  For example, if your topic is about Abraham Lincoln try repeating to yourself “Lincoln” until you are focused once better
  6. To improve your studying try to focus on learning the most important information first.  Look to see if the book you are reading has a recap at the end or learning objectives in the beginning.  These are often the most important details that you need to learn.
  7. Flip to the back of the book to see if there is a glossary, if so familiarize yourself with these words.  This will give you a better understanding of the material you need to study.
  8. You make think this is a strange step but trying chewing a piece of gum.  When it’s time to take the test grab that same flavor of gum.  Scientific studies have proved that by doing so your brain will be triggered to remember what you were studying.
  9. Try tricking your brain.  While studying try to imagine what you’re reading is a movie.  If you think that the material is more exciting you will be more inclined to pay attention and retain the information.
  10. Lastly is my go to technique, the Mind Palace. This is my favorite study tip.  I’ve used this to become a two time USA memory champion.  Instead of using your home in your mind palace, try using your classroom.  As you’re taking your test you can look around the room to visualize your answers.How to study better

These steps are sure to help you study better and ace your next test.  Good luck guys!

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