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We learned to read left to right, sounding out words aloud as we went aloud. It worked then and it works now, for children. The problem with this method of learning to read is that we continue to use the same style now as we did then — and it is extremely inefficient, especially with as much material that comes at us on a daily basis that we have to read.

We are bombarded by email, social networks, words flashing across your television screen, newspapers, ticker tapes crawling across the bottom of a news show — not to mention what we need to read in order to do our jobs or school work. With all this information we need a much faster method to read that even allows us to retain a lot more.

We are, by nature, creatures of habit. We get comfortable doing things a certain way and don’t like to leave our comfort zone unless forced to. The “information highway” is not slowing down, however, so the better prepared we are to catch a ride the better we will do. Speed-reading is the answer. It not only shows you the best way to save time, it increases your ability to retain what you read.

As part of my Memory Exercises and Speed Reading Program I would like to offer a couple useful exercises to get you started and improve your reading speed.

1.           Start out with an easy-to-read book and a stopwatch. Move your finger along the page as you read the words, focusing on the word and not the graphics. Gradually increase moving your fingers faster across the page, establishing a smooth rhythm as you go. This will increase your speed. Then begin to focus on two words at a time instead of just one, then three… Your eyes can see more than you think they can. At the end of the page check your time. Continue this as you move on to other pages, checking your time as you go.

2.           Next we will concentrate on improving your comprehension.     Practice reading larger blocks of words at a time. You can take index cards and block out all but one paragraph on the page. Read that paragraph, and then move on to block the next paragraph. If you are using a computer, highlight one section, then move down to the next paragraph and highlight that one.

Strengthening your eye muscles also strengthens your brain as well. You are stimulating it to process information much faster. You are learning how to become more efficient.

You will find the use for speed-reading helpful in all phases of your life. You can cover more material in a shorter amount of time. Students and professionals will be able to complete their tasks and have time for relaxation — another good memory tool. It makes your life more efficient, and increases the number of brain cells at the same time. What a concept!

Learning speed-reading can be done gradually, a few minutes a day, but soon you will see results you hadn’t realized were possible. Learn, practice, apply, review — is doesn’t have to be more difficult than it needs to be.

If you would like more advanced training, I recommend you look into my Speed Reading program. As a memory champion, I can guarantee you will see results!

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