How to Memorize Fast and Easily

Memorize fast and easily

You want a simple memory method that even a six year old can learn? You want to be able to memorize anything really fast? Here is a technique that will improve your memory skill, as well as help you to memorize fast and easily.

Memorize fast and easily

  • Use Your Natural Memory:

Sometimes relying on your natural memory, doesn’t work so well though. Try taking this test to see where your memory level is.

First, try to memorize these words, in this order:


  • Mountain
  • Ice Cubes
  • Trees
  • Bicycle
  • German Shepard
  • Glass of Water
  • Shoe
  • TV Set
  • Trampoline
  • Pillow


Memorize fast and easily

Now take a sheet of paper and write down the words you remember and the order they were listed. See how many you can remember. Most people can remember between 4-6 words, if you got more than that, that’s great! Remember, it is important to get them in the correct order. It’s important to remember them in order, otherwise what would be the point?

For Example: You’ve memorized all 7 digits of someone’s phone number, but don’t know the order of the digits, it defeats the entire purpose.

As you can see, relying on JUST your natural memory, probably isn’t that good. You may not have done that well on this memory test, based solely on your dependency of your own natural memory.

So now we are going to use those same 10 words and try a different way to memorize them. This method is called the Story Method. The idea is that you create great, big, colorful pictures and link them together by creating a story.

memorize fast and easily

By creating a story for those words, you’ll be able to memorize all of them in the correct order.

A mountain has ice on the top and trees on the side. Coming down the mountain is a bicycle ridden by a German Shepard. He has a glass of water in one hand and a shoe in the other. At the bottom of the mountain, he crashes in to a TV set. He bounces off the TV set and lands on a trampoline. He bounces off the trampoline and lands on a pillow.

Memorize fast and easily  Memorize fast and easily

He bounces of the pillow and lands in a jet, he takes the jet and flies it to Dallas. Waiting to pick him up at the airport is Donald Trump. He has on a black hat, brown vest and white boots. Donald Trump hands him a check for a million dollars and the keys to a brand new corvette. The German Shepard gets in the corvette and drives back to the mountain.

Memorize fast and easily  Memorize fast and easily

Now on a sheet of paper, list those 10 words again and the order they were in.


The first list I gave you, there were only 10 words but in the story, I expanded the list to almost 20 words and created pictures and told a story. You might have remembered 15-20 of the words in that story.

Memorize fast and easily

What that proves is that if you want to memorize something, create pictures and link one item to the next. One item is a brain trigger that helps you to remember the next item. It’s similar to hearing a song and each verse brings you to remember the next verse and you can remember all the words to a song.

This is an extremely simple and useful way to help you memorize easily and quickly. Knowing how to remember fast and easily is essential to everyone, young or old. It’s a technique that will benefit you in all areas of your life. Using this method will not only help you to memorize fast and easily, it will tremendously improve your memory skill. Learning how to memorize fast and easily can be simple and fun.

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