How to Memorize Numbers

How to Memorize Numbers

How to Memorize Numbers

In order to memorize anything (names, numbers, cards or whatever) you need a picture or image for it. For example your brain won’t recall 17218 very easily but it would remember a woodpecker peck a duck’s head while wearing handcuffs. Your brain remembers pictures. So the first step in how to memorize numbers is to create pictures for numbers. Some numbers it is easier than others. Here are some easy examples.

How to Memorize Numbers Easy Examples:

How to Memorize Numbers 2
Ducks neck shaped like 2
How to Memorize Numbers 10
Fork looks like the 1 and plate like the 0
How to Memorize Numbers 12
Dozen Eggs = 12 Eggs
How to Memorize Numbers
20 Fingers and Toes
How to Memorize Numbers 18
The 1 looks like the key and 8 the handcuffs
How to Memorize Numbers 17
The tree looks like the 1 and the woodpecker the 7
How to Memorize Numbers 16
In many countries 16 is driving age
How to Memorize Numbers 15
The drumstick looks like a 1 and the drum looks like the round part of the 5 and the symbol above like the top of the 5
How to Memorize Numbers 15
14 carat gold
How to Memorize Numbers 18
A 3 on it’s side would look like the twin peaks and the 1 is the ground

You can kind of see how these are easy examples of how to memorize numbers. But what about numbers that aren’t as simple to think of an image for like 94 or 782?

Well thankfully there is a way to do this. Here is the more advanced version.

How to Memorize Numbers (the advanced way).

Every digit is assigned a sound and those are:

Major System Memory For Numbers

This chart is from This website (Art of Memory) is a great memory training website

Now once you have consonants for numerals you simply create images from the sounds. For example

25 = N and L = Nail

782 = C and F and N = Coffin

909 = B and S and B = Baseball

95 = B and L = Ball

33 = M and M = Mom

41 = R and T = Rat

42 = R and N = Rain

57 = L and K = Lock

I know it sounds cumbersome but it really isn’t. If you really want to learn how to memorize numbers this is how you do it. And now for the next 3 weeks every time you see a 2 digit number turn it into a picture. Once you have done this for a number (for example you decide 57= lock) it is always lock. It never changes, so the work is all front loaded. You only have to create a picture for each number ONCE and you just use that for the rest of your life.


1. Memorize phone numbers

2. Remember facts/dates

3. Remember details of products pertaining to numbers

4. Exercise your brain

5. Remember facts that are numbers when giving a speech or presentation

6. Compete in memory tournaments! :)

So if you want to learn how to memorize numbers I do believe the MAJOR SYSTEM as it is referred to is the best method. It was developed over 400 years ago by Pierre Hérigone (1580–1643) was a French mathematician and astronomer and devised the earliest known version of the major system.

If you would like to get MY picture for number enter your email below. You will get my pictures for numbers in my book (you actually get an entire book not just on how to memorize numbers but how to memorize everything)

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