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Memory Exercise

Memory Exercise

memory exercise

Here is a memory exercise I am going to teach you guys. My name is Ron White, two time USA memory champ. I am going to give you a list of sounds. I am going to test your memory and I want you to try to memorize these words in the exact order that I give them to you. They’re not even really words, they’re more just “sounds” so just try to memorize these and see how many you can get, then I’ll give you the answers. This is a memory exercise I use to help me win some memory challenges.


The first sound I want you to memorize is:

1.) E, like the letter “E”

2.) All

3.) Bay

4.) Blao- Sounds like “loud” but with a B in the front and no D at the end. Bl-ow

5.) Chee

6.) Joe

7.) Chyeah

If you want, you can study them right quick before moving to the next step.

Now I want you to try to say or write down all seven of these sounds in the exact order. It’s important for the memory exercise that you remember them in the same order as I give you.

How did you do? I’m going to have my assistant Elizabeth help you guys hear how it should sound, because these are not just random sounds, but actual words. These are 1-7 in the Hmong language or Mongolian. She taught me these 10 mins ago and I memorized them using this memory exercise. I am going to teach you how I memorized them.

Number one is “e” So I saw the letter e on top of my head, a little e, like Internet Explorer, dancing on top of my head.

memory exercise

The next sound or number is 2, which is the sound “all,” I imagined a doctor putting a stick up my nose and I’m saying “alllll.”

“Bay” is three so I imagined the bay in my mouth, like the San Francisco bay. I open my mouth and the bay comes out.

Then on my ribs, I imagine a blouse, like a woman’s blouse wrapped around my ribs. Blouse is similar to “blao” the Mongolian word for the number four.

memory exercise

On my liver, I imagine cheese coming out of my liver. “Chee” is the number five. So naturally cheese is the visual I have.

memory exercise

Next, I imagine a cup of joe on my hips, joe is like coffee, and joe is the number 6, in Mongolian.

memory exercise

Number seven, I imagine someone is saying “Shhh” on this knee and on the other knee, I imagine someone saying “Yah, Yah” so put it together and it’s “Chyeah.”

memory exercise

Now that you have these visual images, let’s review again, and apply this memory exercise. Try to write these seven sounds down now and see how many you can get.

To hear the proper pronunciation, click the video below

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