Get A Whole-Brain Workout

You don’t want to exercise just the left side of your body and not your right. It wouldn’t look good and you would be off-balance as far as body strength. Neither would you want to exercise just one part of the brain without taking in the other parts as well. A balanced brain is just as important as a balanced triceps.

There does not exist one-exercise-fits-all when it comes to whole-brain training. Since different parts of the brain perform different functions, and there are so many that are interconnected, the best exercises are ones that work out more than once areas at a time. For instance: working a puzzle requires retrieval of memory, factual knowledge and problem solving. Interior decorating would take in visual/spatial learning, organizational skills, planning and problem solving, just to name a few.

“What you want to do is challenge your brain in different ways so you’re using different kinds of brain functions,” explains Baycrest cognitive rehabilitation scientist, Dr. Nicole Anderson. “There’s no magic activity,” he added. “It’s just daily life. Involve yourself in activities that you’re not already an expert at, that are challenging for you, and that you enjoy.”

By stimulating your brain through a series of mental exercises the cortex of your brain becomes thicker and stronger synapses are formed, as well as the production of new neurons and dendrites. The better fit your brain is the longer you will be able to retain memory and fight off any age-related decline.

Even better, most of these exercises can be done with other people, such as children or grandchildren, and it will improve your social skills — another memory improvement technique that has shown to improve memory.

Brain games have been around forever, even if we didn’t know it. People who have practiced regular brain activities have reported improvements in memory function and concentration. Whole brain activities, just as the name implies, involved developing multiple regions at the same time.

Just as you wouldn’t dwell on just one area of the body when working out, you need to vary your routine so you aren’t putting too much exertion on one area and neglecting another. The “whole-brain” exercises include movements that activate different areas of the brain at different times. Remember, most activities you perform on a daily basis involve more than once part of your brain, so strengthening all areas just makes more sense.

This is Ron White,two-time USA Memory Champion. Whole brain training is excellent for improving memory, stabilizing mood and increasing concentration. As a memory trainer I highly recommend as many different brain games as possible to continue to stimulate your brain in different areas.

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