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Giving your memory a kick up isn’t as hard as you may think. A few simple changes in your usual routine and you are on the way to a brighter bulb in the brain cells. Memory improvement can improve all aspects of your life, including your relationships and job. It also will help build your self-esteem. So, do you want to sit back and just allow your mind to go the way of the black and white console television or do you want to come into the 21st century?

No matter what age, our memories have moments of “brain fog.” As we age our brains begin to show signs as much as our bodies do. Keeping brain fit is just as important as keeping your body fit, and both require basically the same type of effort.

Everyone wants a good memory. We can add brain cells by doing simple brain exercises, and by keeping your body in good shape. Here are some memory boosting tips that will help definitely make an improvement in your life.

1. Exercise and Keep Moving. You can increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your heart and to your brain by exercising. Regular exercise can begin with something as simple as getting up out of the chair and walking around the block. Consult your doctor as to what he would suggest you start out with.

2. Get Proper Diet. I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing this, but the right nutrition can enhance your memory and help keep you healthy. Adding foods like fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as eating green vegetables and other brain foods while cutting down on carbs, will make a big difference in your memory.

3. Get a good night’s sleep. Research proves that sleep makes a difference in how your brain functions. Your brain needs the time you are sleeping to move things from short-term memory to long-term memory. Too much sleep is not good either. It usually indicates depression. Get into a regular routine of turning off the television and lights and sleeping in a comfortable bed.

4. Form attachments. Memories last longer when you can associate a feeling or attachment of some kind. Think about it — don’t you remember your first kiss, or the time you broke your arm? Forming an emotional attachment will greatly improve your memory.

4. Practice deep breathing.   Researchers have found that meditation and breathing exercises reduce stress and allow people to get through the day. Deep breathing exercises help to increase the flow of blood, which carries oxygen to the brain. Our brains absorb the majority of oxygen we take in.

5. Question everything! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but after nine lives. Perhaps curiosity did wonders for its memory so it could live longer. When you question things it brings up more questions, and seeking answers sparks those brain cell connections in your brain — which improves your memory along with other brain functions.

6. Become more social. The more you interact with others the better it is for your brain. You are constantly using your brain when you converse with others, making you focus on the conversation and putting the subject matter to memory. Again, when you involve emotion, like a lively conversation, your brain remembers it more.

7. Laugh long and loud! Humor is great for memory. Once again, you are involving emotion. Mnemonics and visual aids help keep your imagination alive, and your memory intact.

8. Play brain games. Do puzzles or play chess. Learn a musical instrument. Study art. All these things will help your brain to focus on one subject at a time, and it adds new brain cells and strengthens the connections it already has. Stronger brains are more efficient — which leads to better memory.

I have found that every one of these memory tips will do wonders toward improving your memory, and I recommend you begin right now to increase your memory power. If you would like more help, I have a variety of CD’s that I am certain will be of help at brainathlete.com.

From the desk of Ron White

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