Changing Cell Memory To Reverse Negative DNA Imprints

Everything that happens in your body, consciously or subconsciously, positively or negatively, is influenced by the cellular memory stored in every part of your body. That means that our health, happiness, and degree of success is impacted by things that happened to our ancestors, our environment, and the things around us, which in turn gets passed down in our cellular memory to our children and grandchildren.

The Theory of Quantum Physics is based on the idea that everything is energy. Therefore the cells in our body are also comprised of energy — negative and positive.

There is a “vibrational frequency” in each cell of our body, where thousands of receptors designed to respond to these frequencies are transmitted. Each new belief, and especially strong emotion we take on is communicated and imprinted on our cells, not just in the brain but throughout our body.

Each memory is stored as a frequency in our cells, so it is not our subconscious programming that stops us from changing and achieving our goals, it’s the cellular memory stored in our bodies.

If this is true, how can we get relief from this cellular memory and turn things around. I’d hate to think that I am going to pass down to my following generations all of the negative things that have impacted me, and hounded me, throughout my lifetime.

According to a research paper titled “Local and Non-Local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA,” strong emotions can change the shape of our DNA, shutting them down with strong negative emotions and turning them back on with strong positive emotions.

A “follow-up” experiment tested HIV positive patients. Researchers observed 300,000 times more resistance to HIV when patients emitted strong positive emotions, such as love, gratitude and appreciation than those without these feelings. From these examples it is easy to see that strong positive emotions have amazing healing power.

In another experiment, donors of DNA were monitors in different rooms as the cells they donated were inserted into volunteers. Immediately upon insertion the cells were reacting the same way as they did with the donors. The peaks and valleys of the DNA in both donor and volunteer matched exactly, meaning that the cell memory in the DNA remained the same even if it was in a different host. They also found it didn’t make any difference if the donor was in the next room or 50 miles away, it still reacted the same.

This could explain why organ recipients often take on some of the tastes, personality quirks and beliefs of their donors, even if they have never talked to anyone they had known or read anything about the donor prior to the surgery.

Now that scientists understand the possibility that changing DNA actually can happen, how can they go about making it happen?

Memories are stored as electrical imprints in our cells, which stop the flow of energy and can cause anxiety, fear, stress, disease and a number of other problems, physical and mental. In order to “fix” the negative imprints associated with self-limiting beliefs (cellular memory) and replace them with positive cell memory you have to purge the negative memories from your body and replace them with positive ones. If you don’t eliminate the negative they still will exist and rear their ugly heads to cause pain and havoc to future generations.

Internationally recognized cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has studied how environment turns genes on and off to control cell behavior.   He explains that everyone already has genes for pretty much ever disease imaginable from cancer to AIDS, but only about 5% of the population will actually suffer from the DNA passed on genetically.

Dr. Lipton discovered that when the protein that surrounds DNA is stripped away, the DNA is actually inactive. This surrounding protein turns the DNA on or off when it receives signals from our thoughts and beliefs!

It is believed, therefore, by many neurobiologists, that changes in your life that are positive can turn off these negative cell memories and create new neural pathways that reinforces your new thoughts and beliefs — directly impacting cellular memory. That would include meditation, visualization, and brain training to turn your brain to a more positive outlook.

This will help you, and your future generations, to improve their lives. For decades the Power of Positive Thinking has been a tool to redirect lives in order for them to change the pattern of thinking for success. This proves that the same principle will work to reprogram the body to affect change, and will be carried on to affect the lives of future generations.

About the author:

Ron White is a two-time U.S.A. Memory Champion and memory training expert. As a memory keynote speaker he travels the world to speak before large groups or small company seminars, demonstrating his memory skills and teaching others how to improve their memory, and how important a good memory is in all phases of your life. His CDs and memory products are also available online at


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