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Calculate Reading Speed. Speed Reading

How to calculate your reading speed.

If you want to read faster the first thing you should do is calculate reading speed. The reason is you want to be able to track your progress.

In speed reading this is referred to as words per minute or WPM. We need to learn to calculate reading speed and here it is.

How to calculate reading speed:

1. Read for 5 minutes at your normal reading speed

2. Mark the spot where you stopped

3. Count the number of words in the first 5 lines

4. Divide by 5. This gives you the average words per line

5. Count the number of lines you read

6. multiply # of lines you read by average words per line. This is how many words you read

7. Divide this number by 5. That is your words per minute

So that is how you calculate reading speed.

Here is an idea of what a word per minute means:

1 – 100 wpm    Children learn to read at this reading speed. This is borderline literacy. There is little understanding and recollection of material read. Reading is very hard work in this range.
100 – 200 wpm    This is below average and this person typically does not enjoy reading. It is difficult to read and stay up to date and learn. This person’s comprehension is below 50%
200 – 250 wpm    Most likely your reading speed falls in this range. This is the average person’s reading speed. But you are re reading words and subvocalizing words and comprehending only about 50% of what you read
250 – 350 wpm    This is slightly above average range and most likely a post high school graduate but the comprehension still is a little more than 50%
350 – 500 wpm    This range is well above the average reading speed and probably someone that enjoys reading. The retention is good and usually 50-75%. This is a very good reading speed
500 – 800 wpm    This is a very respectable an incredible reading speed. You obviously really enjoy reading and few fall into this high reading speed category. You definitely like the book better than the movie :)
800 – 1000 wpm    This is a very efficient reading speed. At this reading speed you have no stress or pressure about reading. You understand words and their meaning very easily and probably have had some form of speed reading training. You don’t re read words and rarely subvocalize words.
1000 wpm & faster    Wow – awesome! Reading at this speed you have complete control over reading and have mastered. This is an elite reading category. Reading is a huge part of your life and you have complete control over everything in regards to reading

After you have learned to calculate reading speed then you may want to learn to speed read. If you would like to learn HOW to speed read then click here (How to speed read). But I recommend that you figure out your reading speed FIRST before you read this so that you will get an accurate before/after measurement 

So this is my advice on calculating your reading speed. I think everyone after they learn simple speed reading techniques should be able to double or triple their reading speed with no problem

If you want to learn to speed reading this is one of the best speed reading courses here

Calculate Reading Speed
Calculate Reading Speed

Here is a test that measures reading speed


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