How to motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

motivatedHow to Get Motivated


I find it difficult to get motivated when I have a long list of to-dos.  This is often caused by my emotions which causes me to procrastinate.  When I find myself in a bad mood I like to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air.  By doing this I get my blood pumping and wake up my brain.

As humans we sometimes like to focus on the negative. By monitoring my progress in a journal or notepad, I am able to stay positive and motivated.  I force myself to focus only on the positive.  However, when I do find myself getting discouraged, I open up my journal to help me keep going.

One major thing that hinders me from being motivated is that I am focused on too many things at once.  When focusing on all the ideas in my head I get overwhelmed so I try to focus on one task until that has been completed.

Often I have to remind myself that it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to get going.  I will then go back later and make improvements.  When I was a telemarketer years ago, the first five calls of the day were the hardest.  Once these calls were out of the way things started flowing, I just had to get things going.motivated

In May 2009 scientists suggested that when you tell people your goals you become less likely to accomplish them.  Once we tell people about our goals we start to feel rewarded before we ever start doing anything.  If you keep your goals to yourself you are more likely to continue working hard towards it until you get that feeling of accomplishment.

Although I don’t like to tell people about my goals, I do like to tell one friend that can hold me accountable.  For those times you are feeling like you want to quit, this person will help you continue to be motivated.  They will remind you of your end goal and the progress you’ve made.

Lastly I like to set smaller goals within my big goal.  If I want to write a novel, instead of looking at the bigger picture I focus on daily tasks to stay motivated.  I will tell myself that each day I will write 500 words.  If you continue to see progress and feel rewarded you will stay focused and motivated.

Watch my video below to help you get motivated.