Black Belt Memory Course Review

2 Time USA Memory Champion Ron White’s Black Belt Memory Review

Black Belt Memory
Black Belt Memory Course Review

The memory training course created by 2 Time USA Memory Champion is known as Black Belt Memory.

In the martial arts you earn colored belts as you advance in rank. The Black Belt Memory course is patterned the same way. In this Black Belt Memory Review we will look at the skills you learn under each belt.

Here are the skills learned at each level of the course:

White Belt – Introduction to memory and the 5 steps to memorize anything.

Yellow Belt – How to memorize massive amounts of data easily and numbers

Orange Belt – How to learn Foreign languages, passwords, business & school uses, definitions, vocabulary and formulas.

Blue Belt – How to memorize names and faces  to build relationships.

Purple Belt – Learn foreign languages including Spanish and Russian. How to memorize poems, quotes and verses.

Brown Belt – Memorize playing cards, advanced number memory, impressive memory games/demonstrations and memorizing books (word for word or point by point).

Black Belt – Advanced training is in the module for the Black Belt Memory skills. How to impress others with your new memory skills.

Here is a Black Belt Memory review from an actual Black Belt Memory Student.

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to say thank you for your great course! I loved it. Completed Black Belt in 6 days with 100% on the final. You are a great teacher. It made it all easy!
I initially was looking for memory training to help me with my study of Japanese and Kanji specifically. At the time I started your course I knew approximately 1100 Kanji which took about 8 weeks to learn. With 2200 common use Kanji to learn, I was at the half way point and feeling some anxiety about learning the second half. Admittedly that’s pretty fast but since taking your course I have seen dramatic improvements. The first night after I became black belt I learned 35 Kanji in about 15 minutes.
This would normally have taken me a day or two to accomplish. Night two I learned 62 in 35 minutes. They require review but are pretty solid. At this rate I feel that I’ll likely complete the remaining 1000 or so in the next couple of weeks.
Wow! Keeping in mind that native Japanese students learn the kanji over 10 years – I’m feeling proud that I’ll do it in under three months. I am excited to see what this does for my vocabulary building and pursuit of other foreign languages in the future.
Additionally I am excited to share these concepts with my son as soon as he is old enough as I think that these techniques will transform his school experience.
Your course is a life changer. Thank you!! You are doing good work!
All best,
James Peterson
Black Belt in Memory (feels good to say it)

Students giving their Black Belt Memory review are  listed below:
Black Belt Memory Review
Review of 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White’s memory course
Black Belt Memory Review
Review of 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White’s memory course
Black Belt Memory Review
Review of 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White’s memory course
Black Belt Memory Review
Review of 2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White’s memory course by a bar exam student

Ron White has been teaching memory improvement seminars since 1991. That gives him a tremendous amount of credibility in this arena. He has held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA and the longest number memorized in 5 minutes in the USA (a 167 digit number).

However, the results his students get is clearly the biggest area of focus and if his course wasn’t working he would not have last since 1991.


  • The course is taught by a true memory champion.
  • It can be completed on computer, smartphone or table.
  • You have quizzes to track progress and help in learning the material.
  • A Facebook group membership is included with the purchase to ask questions.
  • The course cover how to memorize names, numbers, poems, languages, study skills, books, quotes, speeches, math formulas and many other topics.
  • A certification of completion is issued when the course is completed.
  • Most modules are 10 minutes or less and this keeps the mind from wandering or feeling overhelmed.
  • It is nice that you can go at your own pace.
  • Images for numbers 1-1000 are included in the course.
  • Images for 1,600 names are included in the course.
  • It’s not just a recording of a speech but designed for an online course.


  • It is not an in person memory workshop. The live experience enhances learning
  • This is a weird con to say but maybe there is too much information there. Black Belt Memory literally leaves nothing out when it comes to what you want to memorize and some may be overwhelmed by this but the ones who aren’t will appreciate the value they are getting

You can get your Black Belt Memory course here

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